Custom Orthotics

Our goal at River Stone is to help you relax and reduce stress, but also to help you heal and improve your well-being. As therapists, we know that a lot of chronic back, knee, ankle and foot pain can come from how we walk. No one is perfect, and misalignment in our feet and how we step can magnify into pain.

Do you need orthotics?
If are you experiencing
• chronic foot pain
• heel pain
•injury to lower limbs
• lower back pain
then customs orthotics can help.

At River Stone, we can do a gait analysis and fit you for custom orthotics in a matter of minutes. We fit you with FootMax orthotics, the best in the industry. Call us today to book your appointment with our Orthotics Specialist!

Call us today to book your initial assessment with our Physiotherapist!
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