Staff Biographies

Our staff at River Stone has one goal—to provide you with the best services possible.


Paige Nieuwenhout
Paige graduated as an RMT in 2015. She focuses on both therapeutic and relaxation massage and aims to improve the physical and mental health of her clients. For clients with injuries her goal is to decrease their healing time through focused therapeutic techniques. Paige uses hot and cold hydrotherapy (hot and cold stones, hot towels, thermophore etc), and various massage modalities to achieve her goals.








Stefan Klikach










Liliana Hernandez
Liliana is a very dedicated and passionate professional always looking for holistic therapeutic approaches for her patients. She has 10 years of experience as a general doctor in Colombia. In Canada, she has worked for the Canadian Breast cancer foundation for the Hispanic community, and as an instructor of clinical massage for four years. She trained in manual osteopathy in Canada and focuses her practice in neuromuscular and visceral dysfunctions applying techniques that work within the patient’s tolerance. Liliana uses a variety of osteopathic techniques that includes Muscle Energy Technique, Myofascial release, craniosacral osteopathy and visceral manipulation. Liliana is a certified physician from the military university in Colombia, Member of the Remedial Massage Therapy Association of Canada and Member of the National Manual Osteopathy Society of Canada.






Michelle Meidinger










Nancy Morin
Nancy is in her first year as an RMT. Her specials skills include deep tissue/therapeutic, relaxation, myofascial cupping, joint play movement, hot stone, lymphatic massage & orthopaedic conditioning. Nancy believes in Body/Mind Balance and wants to inspire & educate clients to maintain an active lifestyle through paleo diet, stretching and strengthening exercises. She has been a personal trainer & yoga student for years. She is looking forward to helping others achieve their expectations through health care.







Jessica Pavlyk










Estela Gonzales










Marnie Lemieux
Marnie graduated from the University of Alberta in with a Bachelors of Science Specializing in Genetics. She has a 3000 hour diploma in Advanced Massage Therapy from MaKami College of Massage in Edmonton, Alberta and has been practising for 7 years. She is currently working at MaKami College assisting the instructors, as well as doing clinic massage. Marnie’s favourite massage is therapeutic treatments that address daily aches and chronic pains as well as acute problems. Marnie believes that massage is very effective for those with illnesses, chronic diseases, and also average people who are looking to attain a higher sense of well-being, and inner and outer harmony. She has been fortunate enough to treat many conditions including frozen shoulder, posterior shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff injuries, hip replacements, plantar fasciitis, spinal stenosis, MVAs. Marnie enjoys spending time with her two boys and husband cycling, hiking and playing sports. She also enjoys gardening and travelling.





Ivana Locke
Ivana is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, a Metabolic Balance® Specialist for Health and Weight Management, and a Culinary Nutrition Expert. She can help you overcome your obstacles and become the best, healthiest version of yourself. Ivana can provide you with ongoing support and guidance as you easily incorporate healthy habits into your daily lifestyle that will improve your health and well-being. Whether you want to lose weight, address health concerns, increase energy levels, or simply eat better, you will achieve success with Ivana’s knowledge and encouragement.







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